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Slim Q is not your average music producer. He always strives to sound different. Some artists have even labeled him the go-to producer if you want a uniQue song. He takes a genre that is already there but just adds that little twist to it to make it uniquely you (artist). He has been inspired by producers such as Timberland, Robert Kelly, N.E.R.D, Dr Dre, 2 stix, Zwai Bala, Akon and others. slim qHe is mostly inspired by producers who don’t follow trends but set their own.

This has been evidenced by an album he produced for a renowned Swazi group of three fellas called Stealth Independence entitled Independence Day (2007), which he is the third member of (Slim Q, Steaks and Sweet P). This album contained music that has never been heard of in the African continent or even the world. Their music was so unique such that most Swazi people did not believe it was made by Swazis.

Songs like “Madonna” made people think that these three had actually sampled an old song and just rapped on it. “Tribute to the Late Greats of Swazi Entertainment” including DJ Masu Masu and Matiwane Manana was one of his best compositions, production wise and lyrically. Slim Q is also known for believing in creating from scratch, he is not keen on sampling but just does it for fun (or could it have something to do with the fact that sampling is costly? I have no idea).

Slim Q has produced for;

This guy is a workaholic; he is almost always in front of the computer, when he is not making beats, he is mixing a track, he is designing a logo or graphics, he is designing a website, he is writing a story or a video script (no wonder the dude wears glasses). If he is not doing any of those, either he is with his loved ones or, believe or not, playing soccer.


Give him a pencil he will make a sketch that you might look at and say “WOW!!!!” Give him a pen and he will script the illest concepts. He will write a hook that will move you either physically or emotionally. Give him the MIC and he will surprise you with his uniQue voice, uniQue flows be it in English or SiSwati. He is the third member of Stealth Independence, a group that was made famous for songs like ‘Sigubh’sebalozi’, ‘Dlala Swaziland’, ‘Tribute’, ‘Madonna’ among others. This group was also known for its energetic live performances. They always left everybody yearning for more (We Will Be Back like the Terminator).   

Slim Q has always been shy; it is a wonder where he gets the courage to perform on stage in front of dozens of fans. One fact about him is that he is of 100% sober habits, he only gets high from adrenaline rush he gets when he is on stage because of the passion he has for his music. Those who know him witness a total transformation from shyness to total ‘insanity’ when he is on stage. Part of his mission is to prove to the world that one doesn’t have to use drugs or alcohol to have the courage to perform. One has to be in the moment and savor it to the fullest.

He started off as a solo artist then joined LUNUAKA sections, back to solo then enter Stealth Independence. With Stealth he performed in events such as The Fanta Mega Party alongside Ntando, Bricks, Anakhonza, Mozaic among others. They also performed during the PSI Show hosted to launch Trust Studded Condoms, Swaziland National Youth Awards, They have performed in almost all the clubs in Swaziland including House On Fire, even though some have changed names. They have been on tour with the national television authority, Swazi TV. They have even performed in South Africa.


Slim Q was born Qiniso Nkhosivile Buyisumhlaba Dlamini at the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Manzini, Swaziland, on the 14th June 1983. He grew up listening to different kinds of music; in pre-school he listened to Marry Had A Little Lamb, when he was with his mother he listened to Gospel, when with his older sister he listened to RnB/soul, older brother – rap. So, all these influences on a young impressionable mind?

As he grew, like every young Swazi child of the 80’s, he fell in love with the Annual Swazi Trade Fair. Most kids went there for the jumping castles and games, his main attraction was The Gorilla Man aka Mshikishi Mndzebele, the former SWAMA President. He loved and still loves his music, He was and still is one of the greatest Swazi Performers. As years went by, Slim Q discovered R. Kelly, then Along Came TKZee, Timberland, Dre. These men were musical trend setters, the Beethovens of our time.

Like every child he used to try to sing peoples songs but would not grasp the lyrics but ended up writing something else, his peers would sometimes laugh at him, more especially at school (Salesian High School). He later discovered that even though the lyrics were wrong they still made sense. That was the beginning of writing original ish as opposed to mimicking. He used to meet up with Mlungisi Ndwandwe aka Mil G (another talented Swazi Producer) who could play a keyboard and would beat box how he wanted the song to be, recorded the whole instrumental on a tape, then it was off to messing with the tape deck at home; DECK 1: instrumental…Check, DECK 2: Empty tape…check, MIC ON…Check, CLICK: PLAY-RECORD, the sitting room of Mobeni Flats- Block 18-Room 4 in Matsapha was suddenly transformed into a Studio.

As time went on he met up with DJ Slen who had seen him perform at a Salesian-St. Michaels School concert at the Bosco Skills Centre in Manzini, who asked him to join a crew he was starting called LUNUAKA Sections, Slim Q was thrilled. DJ Slen was a genius; he was the best rapper in Swaziland, according to Slim Q, even though at the time he was not known. He could freestyle on two beats without a pause and every concept would accord, he could even create words that one could easily understand in context. This is where the real grooming began. I re-united with 2 Stix whom I had last seen when we were younger, before the music. I met Frizz Dee, a talented rapper who also had a uniQue singing voice (Keith Sweaty but better), Otto-G and Mosical.  Slim Q got inspired to up his game; he was now surrounded by talented individuals who always came up with the most amazing lyrics.

He later on became a producer, earning his first production credits for NV Squad a group which comprised former Mr. Swaziland Okwakhe aka Governor BlaQ, The talented Skait of the Astik, Fifi and Remix. He also produced for Gang’tsotsi who became popular for the track “Jaiva”. then there was NDR, Two Sweet, Steaks, Ghetto Villah, Stealth, and the rest as they say is history. inQgnito Productions House was born. It is at present one of the best studios in Swaziland when it comes to sound quality productions. He is working on a new sound as we speak, a new-old genre, if I may.                                     

Ever since he was a child he always believed that God placed him in Swaziland for a reason, and that reason is to implement change in the minds of his fellow countrymen, women and the world; They all have to believe that IN SWAZILAND…MUSIC LIVES!!!


FL Studio, Reason 3.0, Acid Pro 6, Cubase SX, Wavelab, a lot of plugins, a yamaha keyboard which doubles as a Midi Controller, Studio Mic and Mackie Mixer, a creative mind and a good ear (equipment is useless without the last two)


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